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ShipJunction is an integrated shipping system that works with NetSuite’s tools and data to take your business even further.

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Why should NetSuite customers choose ShipJunction?

ShipJunction is a multi-carrier shipping system that helps retailers and wholesalers ship smarter and faster using one comprehensive, NetSuite-integrated solution. But seamless integration is just the beginning. With ShipJunction, your business can:

Lower shipping and labor costs

Lower shipping and labor costs

Efficiently manage increases in order volume

Efficiently manage increases in order volume without having to increase warehouse labor

Automatically print shipping labels and documents

Automatically print shipping labels and documents

Streamline warehouse fulfillment

Streamline warehouse fulfillment

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What does one-stop-shipping include?

We'll streamline your fulfillment processes and eliminate unnecessary steps and save you money on labor and shipping costs.

Faster automated shipping

Leave the paperwork to us—we’ll produce all the documents required to ship out an order, making sure to include any necessary branding or channel-specific labels.

EDI fulfillment

Our system generates the branded packing slips and UCC128 label for EDI trading partners.

Best way routing

Our sophisticated algorithms factor in time-in-transit and whatever other parameters you choose for your business, using them to select the optimal carrier and method for each shipment.

Automated packing

Using algorithmic box assignment, we make sure the right products are always going in the smallest box that fits them.

Bulk label printing

With our unique bulk printing capabilities, we can pre-generate all labels and integrate them with packing slips, so you can ship in the most efficient way possible.

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